The Undeterred Direct Selling Industry even during COVID-19

In 2020, almost 80% of the world's countries have experienced a lockdown due to COVID-19. With all variations of distancing, life has been a roller coaster with adverse economic impacts. Recessions in the job market have caused unrest globally. Many small and medium-sized businesses are shutting down while the market leaders are pausing processes to combat economic challenges. These challenges have given rise to impediments and caveats, even in marketing. The increase in fear and anxiety to invest in non-essentials is a common mindset across industries. Despite all the efforts, difficulties surface while marketing for non-essentials. However, the direct selling industry has survived the upheaval and will continue to see a boom in the coming years. [More]

Importance of people skills in direct selling

The key to a successful career in direct selling lies in two key points: a drive to perform and the right set of communication and people skills. A proficient sales rep is someone who has the potential to gather and disseminate information in a manner that wants people to do business with you. [More]